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Wood World Tour: Help me cross the world on a Wooden Zafi Bike

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Créée par Giorgio Fouarge

pour Giorgio Fouarge

I want to be the first man to cycle around the world on a wooden bike!

Hi everyone, I need your help to realise this personal adventure.

I am a 23 years old, Belgian and Italian data engineer who has followed the designed life path: school, university, and work.

Now I want to do something different, something out of the ordinary, realise a dream!

Be the first man to cross the world on a wooden bike to promote the values so dear to my heart and generation: Sustainability, discovery, and power of will.

This 27.000 Kilometres journey, from East to West, will start in Brussels, passing through Istanbul, Tehran, Delhi, Ho Chi Min, Perth, Sydney, Auckland, Lima, Buenos Aires, and Lisbon until I return home to Brussels.

The objective is to realise a documentary about the trip, create multiple challenges with my community and channel my unusual encounters through social media. All with those values in mind.

If you do decide to help me, I promise that I will make a tailored video just for you, where ever on my route. Splash Project has already decided to help make this project a reality!

Grazie, Merci, Thank you for taking the time to read about my project.


Do not hesitate to follow me on Instagram: @giorgio.fouarge

Learn More about the incredible team behind the bike zaficycles.be

And all my sponsors that are helping make this project possible: SplashProjects.com and IE Business School