Leetchi.com offers a non-traditional wedding gift list, where you decide how to spend money 100%! How about paying for your honeymoon?


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To make wedding gift giving easier, we created an online wedding list and asked our guests to chip in. Leetchi.com was the perfect solution as we spared ourselves from getting double gifts- I mean how many china sets can you possibly store in your small flat? Everyone made contributions and we were able to go on our dream honeymoon to the Maldives! Yes, yes and yes to Leetchi.com!

Marion and Peter

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Why choose Leetchi.com for your wedding gift list?


In just a couple of clicks create your money pot and share your wishlist with your guests online.


It’s easy to manage and keep track of your money pot as all the contributions are keep in one place.


No hidden fees - it’s free to spend your funds on our partner sites or ask for a bank transfer (2.9%-4% bank fees).


Personalise your wedding list with your own images and description. Make it stand out!


Leetchi.com’s secure payment system ensures that all the contributions are protected.


Make your wedding list money pot as unique and memorable as your wedding day!

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