Say 'no' to traditional wedding gifts and 'yes' to an online money pot! Gift giving made easy!

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Create a wedding money pot to make sure you get the gifts you want

What is a 'wedding present money pot'?

It’s an easy and secure way to collect money online towards your wedding gifts. You don't have to worry about getting a set of bedsheets that's the wrong size or a third set of champagne flutes. Simply create a wedding present money pot, invite your guests to chip online and choose your own gifts. Transfer collected funds to your bank account or shop online on our partner sites. Wicked, isn't it?

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Customer testimonial

A week before her destination wedding my friend realised she forgot to sort out the wedding gift situation. Transporting actual gifts back to London was out of the question. To save the day I quickly created a wedding gift money pot on It was convenient to share the link and ask people to contribute money instead of gifts. As a result the couple could buy gifts of their choice back in their home country! Alexandra

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