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What's sports fundraising?

Sports funding is effective way to raise money online for your local sports clubs, sports teams, cheerleading or other recreational activities. There are often many costs associated with running such activity: tournaments, travel, equipment, training space and much more! How does fundraising for sports work? First, think of creative sports fundraising ideas for your team: t-shirt auction, rent-an-athlete, sponsored event, sponsored run etc. Then, create your sports funding money pot on, the convenient and secure website to collect donations and membership fees for your group activity. Invite your supporters to make donations and boost your own uk sport funding activity! Make it a home run for your team!

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We created a money pot on to help us bridge the gap between the collected membership fees and what we actually needed to keep our amateur rugby club running. Our sports fundraising ideas? We auctioned signed jerseys. Thanks to the generous donations from our family, friends and local community we were able to cover the tournament cost for the entire season! John

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