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Whether it’s helping individuals in need, supporting nonprofits or funding personal projects, with you can go fund what you care about! Raising funds has never been easier!


Create a money pot for your project in just 1 click!


Add your own images and message. Make it stand out!


Invite your circles of friends and supporters to chip in

Get funded!

Use raised funds to set your project in motion

Leetchi user experience

I really wanted to volunteer for a charity in Kenya and help build an elementary school there. In order to turn this project into reality I needed to raise funds to cover my plane ticket and accommodation expenses. Thanks to money pot, I was able to promote my project on social media and collect donations from my family and friends directly online. It was a truly rewarding experience!


Manage and monitor your money pot

Via your computer or directly on your mobile

Why choose Leetchi to help raise funds?


Ready, steady…create and share the money pot in just a few clicks.


Boost your fundraising campaign by sharing it via email and social media platforms.

Low fees

Service that's 100% transparent! It’s free to spend raised funds on our partner sites. There's a 1.9%-4% bank transfer fee, depending on the amount raised.


Make your money pot as personal as possible with captivating images, messages and videos


All payments are protected by’s secure payment system.


People from all over the world can simply go online and contribute to one, easy to manage place- the money pot.

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