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With Leetchi.com, you can rally support for your favourite pet or animal. Raise money for vet bills, food, shelter or animal charity!

Fundraising for animals, what is it?

It's an effective way to quickly rally support and raise money to help individual pets and wild animals live in better environment and health. There are many animal lovers and passionate ambassadors, who are always ready contribute to your cause and and share your campaign with others. If you want to raise funds for a particular animal cause or charity, Leetchi.com is the place! It's easy to set up a pet fundraising or animal fundraising money pot and even easier for to people to make donations online. If you care, donate to to help animals in need!

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Customer testimonial

It's not only about saving whales and other exotic animals. It's also about helping pets around you. I simply wanted to raise some money to help my neighbor, an old lady who lives on my road, pay her dog's vet bills. This dog is her true companion and means a world to her. In just a couple weeks, all the neighbors chipped to the pet fundraiser I created on Leetchi.com, and now her dog is back to health! Emma

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