Leetchi may not be edible like a litchi fruit, but it's still a real treat!

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Discover the benefits of Leetchi (it's much more than just a fruit)

What's the difference between a litchi (lychee) and Leetchi.com?

One is a white-fleshed fruit brought all the way from China, the other is a really practical way to collect money for group gifts and projects. Simply create a money pot and send out invitations for people to chip in!

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Create a money pot

Customer testimonial

When I first heard about Leetchi, I imagined a website specializing in Chinese fruit lychee or litchi. It couldn't have been further from the truth! Nevertheless, I was tempted to use it collect contributions for my boyfriend's present - all his family and friends chipped in to buy him a guitar. He was overwhelmed with joy! Alex

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