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Make your coworker feel special by organising a fun and memorable leaving do! Create a money pot and get your office to chip in!


Create a group money pot for your coworker's leaving do


Ask your office mates to chip in to a common money pot


Spend the money pot for free on partner sites or get a bank transfer


Give your colleague a leaving present they won't forget!

Leetchi user experience

After four years at our company, Linda decided to embark on a new adventure. To celebrate her departure in style we created a money pot and everyone chipped in. We were able to give Linda the iPad she was always talking about.


Spend your money pot how you want


Spend the money pot for free on a partner site

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Give the money directly to the lucky recipient and let them decide how to spend it!

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Give the money pot

Personalize the pot for the lucky recipient

The recipient can choose how to spend it

Degressive fees

Transfer funds from your money pot to a bank account:

  • 2.9% bank fee for money pots over £2000
  • 4% under £2000
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Request a bank transfer

Choose your payment method and fill in your bank details

Get money in your bank account within 48h (2 working days)

Manage your leaving do money pot

Via your computer or directly on your mobile

Why choose to organise a farewell party or gift?


Simply click to create your money pot and send email of Facebook invites asking people to contribute.


One easy-to-access place for all of your online money collections. Monitor and manage your money pot anytime.


Spend the money pot the way you you want it - buy a gift from a partner site or ask for a bank transfer.


No hidden fees. It's 100% free to spend your money pot with our partner shops. There's a 2.9% or 4% fee for bank transfers.


Make secure payments online using’s protected payment system. We're an E-money license holder.


Save yourself time by creating and sharing your money pot online. It takes just a couple, we promise!

If you need help at any point, we’ll get on the case - email us at

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Create your money pot