Money pots are an ideal way to collect money for group gifts or events


Create a group money in seconds (it's free)


Ask your friends, family or colleagues to contribute


Spend the money pot on a partner site (it's free) or ask for a bank transfer

For all occasions!

For birthdays, leaving dos, parties, marriages and more!

Spend your money pot how you want


Spend your money pot for free on a partner site (watch this spaces, we're busy building lots more partnerships)

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Give the money pot directly to the lucky recipient to spend however they want!

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Give the money pot

Personalise the pot for the lucky recipient

The recipient can choose how to spend it

Fees from just 2.9%*

Get the money pot total transferred to your bank account

  • 2.9% commissionif over €2000
  • 4% commission under €2000
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Ask for a bank transfer

Choose your payment method and fill in your bank details

Get the money in your account within 48h (working days)

Manage and monitor your money pot

Leetchi Money Pot

Via your computer or directly on your mobile

What is a money pot?

Money pots can be used for all kinds of occasions from birthdays to farewell parties and fundraising projects. Simply create an online money collection on Leetchi and invite people to contribute. It's never been easier or safer to collect money online.

Why create a group money pot on Leetchi?


Create your money pot in just a couple of clicks - all the contributions end up in one easy-to-manage place.


Nore more hassling people to pay up or passing around envelopes - it's easy for people to contribute online in their own time.


Spend the money pot exactly how you want - choose whether to buy a gift on a partner site (for free) or ask for a bank transfer (maximum 4% commission).


Peace of mind knowing that all payments are protected by


It's easy to ask people to contribute via email or Facebook invitations.


You know exactly how much money you have – it’s free to create the pot and there’s a maximum 4% fee for bank transfers.

Our teams are ready to help! Simply contact us by email at or call +33(0)9 72 44 41 67.

Discover, a leading group payment site. Simply create a money pot, ask people to contribute. It's the ideal way to give a group birthday present or raise money for an event.