Friend's birthday coming up? Chip in together online and give a group gift!

Create a money pot offers a hassle-free solution to organising group gifts. Simply, pool money together with friends, buy one big group gift and make any occasion extra special!

Why create a money pot for a birthday group gift? offers an alternative to traditional gifting. Instead of spending time looking for an individual, well intended but not always the perfect gift you can simply raise money online towards something bigger and better! Create a money pot today, ask people to chip in and celebrate any occasion with an amazing group gift! online money pots make group gifting super easy!

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Customer testimonial

For Sam's 30th birthday we gave him an iPad, he'd been going on about it for ages. Using Leetchi it's was really easy to collect contributions even though people were scattered all over the world. Great idea for online group gifting! Philippa

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