Our tariffs

Our prices are designed to suit all levels of generosity, whether they are in support of a cause or a celebration.

Simple rates to match your generosity

Deducted when the money pot is spent, so that each participant can participate within his or her means and without service fees. Calculated as a percentage (rather than a fixed fee), to encourage solidarity and festivities, large or small.



Support a cause


6 %

from 100€
to 10 000€

1,5 %

10 000 €

Commission charged when the money is spent, never before!

Spend your entire pot before the end of the 10 th month after it was created.

Starting from November 1st 2023, if there are funds remaining in your moneypot, maintenance fees will apply:

  • During the 11th month: 10% of the available amount
  • Starting from the 12th month: €5/month

Always there for you:

Our team will inform you by email one month before fees come into effect.

More information in our FAQ

Why do these fees apply?

We've opted for a clear and transparent fee structure to finance the running costs of the service. Our licensing guarantees that we don't trade with your money: we only earn commission when you spend your money pot.

Keep your data secure at all costs!

As a responsible company, Leetchi does not sell your data – it protects it! To ensure the quality and security of our service, all our teams are based in France, including our customer service department and the teams in charge of verifying that money pots comply with the current regulations and ensuring the security of transactions. Finally, the money you collect on our platform is confined to our Payment Service Provider's secure account until it is spent.

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Ensuring the security of your money pot is our priority

Ensuring security is our priority when it comes to supporting your generosity

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