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At Leetchi solidarity is not just a fad, it's a way of life. A look back at key figures and images illustrating moving examples of solidarity initiated on our platform.

This is what Leetchi has made possible:

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A home for Gilbert!

Discover Gilbert's touching story thanks to our partner Neo. And join the solidarity movement to help him find decent accommodation!

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The generosity observatory

At Leetchi we are always on the lookout for generosity: that's why we created the Generosity Observatory with the Odoxa Institute! This study, conducted each year since 2018, had its origin in the desire to understand and keep an eye on demonstrations of generosity in France. On the menu: key figures, trends and the investigating of what motivates French people to donate money, time or material goods for solidarity causes.

A look at the 2023 edition

Leetchi stories

Leetchi money pots are a true reflection of solidarity: more immediate and spontaneous, this is a new expression of French generosity. A look back at some moving social support initiatives:

Solidarity grows with your support

The first solidarity money pots made an early appearance at Leetchi.This phenomenon grew in 2015 when users used the platform to come to the aid of families who had been the victims of attacks. Since then, these initiatives have continued to develop and are now a real solidarity response for all those who desire to help in whatever way they can.

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Some figures:

+ €292,418,698

collected for solidarity projects since 2009


solidarity money pots created in 2022

of which €60 million

was collected in 2022

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