Online money pots: the ideal solution for birthdays!

Create a birthday money pot with just a few clicks; invite your friends and celebrate your loved ones. Easy, fast and secure! 💫

Create a money pot

Organising a party can be hard work! Especially if it's for your wedding anniversary or a loved one's birthday. Even more so if the big day is fast approaching and things aren't quite ready... 😕

We've all been through the stress of organising a party, decorating a venue, raising money, dealing with money collection issues or last minute birthday presents.
A collection box is a piggy bank set up for participating in an event (birthday, wedding...). Although they are practical and can look great, there are lots of disadvantages. It might be lost or forgotten about on the day! What can you do to avoid all these problems?

Sometimes, you need everyone to get involved to make a loved one feel special. But what can you do when distance separates you and raising money for a birthday present proves tricky?

Don't panic, create a birthday money pot online! No more late payments, no more worrying about money transfers, no more disputes about the amount, no more loans, running out of birthday gift ideas or losing collection boxes... What's more, creating a money pot on Leetchi is free, easy and quick! An online birthday money pot is the solution to all your problems!👌

How do you create a money pot for a birthday?

  1. Choose the category of your money pot: birthday.
  2. Log in or register with a valid email address.
  3. Create, set up and personalise your birthday fund in just a few clicks, free of charge.
  4. Invite guests to contribute to your money pot using the "share pot" feature.
  5. After your Leetchi profile is verified, the money can be transferred to a bank account.

1. Choose the category of your money pot

On Leetchi, there are two categories to choose from: fundraising and mutual aid or celebration and sharing. The second category is for birthdays or wedding anniversaries. It also features money pots for leaving gifts and new babies.

2. Log in (or register on the platform) and remember to get your profile verified

✅ This step must be completed to use your money pot and give birthday gifts. All you need to do is verify the email address linked to your money pot and upload your ID document to our platform.  We would hate for this small hold-up to spoil the chance to spend the money pot and ruin your friend's birthday or anniversary!

3. Launch a free money pot on Leetchi with just a few clicks!

💰 Set up how visible your money pot is and define your goal. In just a few clicks, you can collect money online to make your recipient's day. You don't have to set a target amount in the money pot settings. Participants will know at a glance how much money is available in the pot and how much money they need to contribute towards the birthday present, for example. Sounds great, right?

4. Collect lots of donations

🙋 Invite mutual friends to contribute and give money towards the birthday gift.  All you have to do is click the "share a money pot" feature on the platform. You will be able to monitor their contributions on the page for your money pot and you'll find out really quickly if the target has been reached! Leetchi has everything covered, all that's left to do is to finalise the remaining details regarding the gift, the birthday party and the party decorations!

How can I spend my birthday money pot?

💳 When requesting a transfer of the birthday money online, you can choose to pay the money into your personal bank account or into the account of another person (the recipient of the birthday money, for example). This way you can buy the birthday present yourself or send the funds from the money pot directly to your friend. You'll need to provide the recipient's bank details (IBAN and BIC). Leetchi will process the transfer request within 24/48 working hours.    It is therefore important to take this processing period into account when organising the birthday and buying the present.

📌 Please note that there is a fee if you choose the transfer option on our platform. The fee varies between 1.5% and 6% and is calculated according to the amount collected. It allows us to guarantee the proper handling of your money pot, the security of collected funds and ensure that funds raised online comply with the current regulations. 

Why choose Leetchi for your birthday money pot?

This is a difficult question to answer. It all depends on what you need and what you want! However, we can assure you that the online birthday money pot is a great alternative to the usual birthday or wedding collection! 💍

For simplicity and speed, choose Leetchi

With Leetchi, you can create an online money pot in just a few clicks.  It's easy to use and it's secure, so it's like a more reliable 2.0 version of a collection box, and it's available all the time!   It's also a sure-fire way of saving time when it comes to organising the party! 😉 We have the solution to all your upcoming birthdays and fundraising projects. Celebrating the birth of a loved one or your wedding anniversary is made quick and easy with Leetchi! 

We also help you bring your friends together around the world! Our platform is available in over 150 countries 🌎  From France to South Korea, your friends will be able to donate money and contribute to your online birthday money pot in a secure way. This modern collection method is efficient: the birthday celebration and gift are taken care of!

Our platform is suitable for all celebrations

Thanks to our online money pot platform, you can also create a virtual collection for your wedding anniversary: whether you have chosen to celebrate it in a small group or with all your loved ones. What's more, you won't need a traditional collection box or envelope: the online birthday money pot is perfect for celebrating all important life events! 

Contributing to an online money pot is fast and commission-free. All is done in complete transparency; the money is paid directly into the birthday pot and that's that!

With peace of mind, you can start thinking about the gift wrapping 🎁 and the fun times ahead. If you're using the money pot to celebrate how many years you've been with your partner, you can even plan your wedding anniversary: from decorating the party venue to a meal worthy of the greatest Michelin-starred restaurants!  No more headaches with Leetchi's online money pot, the modern, digital collection box.

🎉 Celebrating a birthday, giving a gift and surprising a loved one can be time consuming. So when you've got to do it more than once, Leetchi is here to help. Choose an original, modern alternative to a traditional collection box! What are you waiting for? Set up your commission-free online money pot, collect money in your virtual collection box, spoil your loved ones with gifts! All that's left to do is sing Happy Birthday!

If you have any questions about creating a birthday money pot, the fee applied to transfers or contributing to a 2.0 collection, contact our customer service department!

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