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Group gifting makes gift giving super easy! Club together online for one big birthday present! How about a weekend getaway, an electric guitar or a cooking course?


Create a birthday money pot for the lucky recipient


Invite and ask all friends and family to chip in online


Spend it on a partner site or ask for a bank transfer


Celebrate and give the group present to the birthday boy/girl!

Leetchi user experience

For Mary's 30th birthday, we didn't organise anything special as she was off aboard. So, she was really surprised when, for her 31st birthday, all her friends and family got together to buy her the moutain bike she's always wanted. Thanks for your help Leechi!


Spend the money pot how you want


Spend the money pot for free to buy an inspired birthday gift on one of our partner sites

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Give the money directly to the lucky recipient, so they can spend it how they want!

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Give the money pot

Personalize the pot for the lucky recipient

The recipient can choose how to spend it

Degressive fees

Transfer funds from your money pot to a bank account:

  • 2.9% bank fee for money pots over £2000
  • 4% under £2000
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Request a bank transfer

Choose your payment method and fill in your bank details

Get money in your bank account within 48h (2 working days)

Manage and monitor your birthday money pot

Via your computer or directly on your mobile

Why choose our website for your group gifting?


All the contributions end up in one easy-to-manage and monitor place


In just a few clicks you can create and share your money pot. 100% hassle-free!


Spread the word via email or social media to get everyone involved.


No surprises – it’s free to spend on a partner site. There's 2.9% or 4% bank transfer fee (depending on amount collected).


Make secure contributions using’s protected payment system.


Create a unique money pot for the occasion with your choice of images and message.

Questions? A technical hitch? Just email us at

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