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To bring life in all its dimensions to the work of the United Nations.

To bring life in all its dimensions to the work of the United Nations.

Support nonkilling through the right to life at the UNITED NATIONS

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Living is what we do with our lives for others and for ourselves, it is to progress together towards a world that does not kill.

Living is to have wanted children, to prevent rather than practice abortions, to support adoption, to live healthy and happy births, to receive necessary infant and maternal care, to have a civil status and a nationality, to avoid preventable deaths and to cure healable diseases, to prevent accidents and suicides, to eradicate violence and to be able to die in dignity.

Living is the right to life for everyone, but also for humanity.

The work done at the United Nations by the Center for Global Nonkilling (CGNK) is to provide expertise on the situation of life and of the right to life, at large and through the Universal Periodic Review of human rights in all countries. In its turn, every country of the world passes, every four and a half years, in front of the Human Rights Council for the review of the respect and progresses of human rights in this country. Currently, we participate in this review for three or four countries yearly.

We are also campaigning for all countries to denounce genocide and ratify the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide. 46 countries still need to do so.

This life promoting work takes us about three months a year.

Your participation in life, happiness and your support to our work are highly appreciated.We need funds, but we are also looking for volunteers. Please let us know !

Humanity has never been as rich, but our global resources are limited and must be used and shared with awareness and generosity for the future of humanity and of the planet. Supporting the right to life, celebrating life and sharing some of your resources (as an example with us, thank you) is one of the ways to move us all forward.

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