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Hi everyone,

Feel free to help us way the production of the independent documentary 'Nothing to Hide', released under a Creative Commons NC license, and its upcoming follow-up, Disappear.

You can make a contribution here.

Trailer (ENG):

Nothing to Hide (Full movie, English):

Nothing to Hide (Full movie, French):

Nothing to Hide (Full movie, German):


FRANCE 24 (1): "Very interesting documentary, it will get you thinking"

FORBES (2): "Rich, well-written and eye-opening"

LES INROCKS (3): "A captivating documentary" 


Any kind of contribution are welcome.


Thank you in advance,


Nothing to Hide Team





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Le 27 mars 2019 Marc Meillassoux a écrit :

Dear donators,


Many thanks for your contributions! They allowed us to invest in

-a  new microphone 'lavalier' system

-a  camera lens

for our current documentary project, Disappear, dealing with strategies to protect ourselves and our data online.


Feel free to contribute to help us in this project and to talk about it around you.


Sincere thanks from all the team,

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Marc Meillassoux
Le 13 octobre 2018
Merci de ce documentaire et de ce mode de distribution :)
Le 12 octobre 2018
I consider myself to be rather privacy aware. However, the film showed me I should still reconsider some of my habits and practices. It encouraged me to share my thoughts on these matters more with the people around me and help them become aware what's at stake. Thanks a lot for the great work.
Le 11 mars 2018
Joseline Frommer
Bravo pour cette démonstration implacable ! Et merci de permettre le téléchargement de votre documentaire car le déroulement étant très rapide, nous (seniors) avons bien besoin de le visionner de nouveau pour ne rien en perdre. On attend la suite avec impatience.
Le 27 février 2018
Klaus Moder
Thanks for the efford, good to show to people saying "nothing to hide"... Often its just the lack of knowledge about the possibilities why they are saying this and that documentary can make these people think when they see whats possible.
Le 4 janvier 2018
Stéphanie Lucien-Brun
Super boulot : précis, argumenté et pédagogique ! Merci d'avoir donné la parole à des femmes - aussi. Merci
Le 10 décembre 2017
Nice work, thanks.
Le 23 novembre 2017
Baer Mathieu
Merci, mon don est petit, mais ensemble nous en [re-]créerons des fleuves.
Le 8 novembre 2017
Great job! THANKS
Le 7 novembre 2017
vincent salaun
Merci pour votre documentaire, continuez ! Hate de le revoir et de vous rencontrer (?) le 28 Janvier a Rouen !
Le 5 novembre 2017
I assumed it is like shown, but to see it as a film is even more scaring. You are right: "Mass surveillance is an instrument of social control."