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IF you want to help to pay the production of the independent documentary 'Nothing to Hide', released on Sept. 30, and its upcoming follow-up, you can make a contribution here.

Trailer (ENG):

Nothing to Hide (Full movie, English):

Nothing to Hide (Full movie, French):

Nothing to Hide (Full movie, German):


FRANCE 24 (1): "Very interesting documentary, it will get you thinking"

FORBES (2): "Rich, well-written and eye-opening"

LES INROCKS (3): "A captivating documentary" 


Any kind of contribution are welcome.


Thank you in advance,


Nothing to Hide Team





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Organised by

Marc Meillassoux
4 January 2018
Stéphanie Lucien-Brun
Super boulot : précis, argumenté et pédagogique ! Merci d'avoir donné la parole à des femmes - aussi. Merci
10 December 2017
Nice work, thanks.
23 November 2017
Baer Mathieu
Merci, mon don est petit, mais ensemble nous en [re-]créerons des fleuves.
8 November 2017
Great job! THANKS
7 November 2017
vincent salaun
Merci pour votre documentaire, continuez ! Hate de le revoir et de vous rencontrer (?) le 28 Janvier a Rouen !
5 November 2017
I assumed it is like shown, but to see it as a film is even more scaring. You are right: "Mass surveillance is an instrument of social control."
16 October 2017
Alexander Steinhoff
I'm sorry I missed the crowdfunding. I'm sure you will announce the funding period for a follow up on the facebook page of this film so I can participate :-)
9 October 2017
Adrien Masseron
Thanks for the documentary, very interesting ! could you make a doc or a starting manual with open source and alternatives softwares please ?
4 October 2017
Thanks for this work I appreciate.
3 October 2017
Vraiment bon ton documentaire, j'espère que ca va faire bouger les choses