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Documentary serie

Organised for: Disappear - cover your online tracks

Hi everyone,


Feel free to help us way the production of the independent documentary 'Disappear - cover your online tracks'.

You can make a contribution here.


'Disappear' is an independent documentary film questioning digital self-defense and means to take back control of our online privacy. 

Check out our presentation teaser here:


'Disappear' is a sequel to 'Nothing to Hide', released under a Creative Commons NC license.

Trailer (ENG):

Nothing to Hide (Full movie, English):

Nothing to Hide (Full movie, French):

Nothing to Hide (Full movie, German):


FRANCE 24 (1): "Very interesting documentary, it will get you thinking"

FORBES (2): "Rich, well-written and eye-opening"

LES INROCKS (3): "A captivating documentary" 


Help us empower privacy and online freedoms!


Thank you in advance,


the 'Disappear' Team





Organised by

Marc Meillassoux
6 August 2019
Pablo García Pascual
¡Enhorabuena por su iniciativa y el trabajo realizado!
2 August 2019
Jean Dupond
Bon courage pour la dernière ligne droite de Disappear ! Le premier opus était excellent, le meilleur documentaire que j'ai pu voir sur le sujet (et logiquement celui que je recommande à mon entourage).
1 August 2019
Merci pour votre travail.
31 July 2019
Hâte de voir le documentaire ;) En attendant, merci !
12 July 2019
Constantin ZAMORA
Help me to explain the real situation to my friends... Thanks
9 July 2019
Privacy and how to avoid social control by tech companies is one of the most important topics of our times. Thanks for spreading the word!
30 June 2019
Stéphane Guillou
Good on you! Bon courage ! :)
29 June 2019
Thanks for your great work ! Keep going ! That's impressive !
26 June 2019
Albert Blarer
Nobody wants to believe it but privacy matters! Go on!
24 June 2019
jens ostergaard
Merci pour votre engagement pour la Liberte et pour la Democracy de tous Visite notre initiative civile Bon Chance Jens Ostergaard Goodwill Ambassador Nordic Bildung Think Tank Copenhagen