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Organisé pour : Women and Children Center Nepal (BB)

Phase 2

A year ago I raised 8000€ to support Laxmi and the kids. We were able to create a new home and paid rent for 1 1/2 years. I am going back in Oktober to pay the remaining 6 month (that was the deal), buy school equipment like pencils and water colour and as I learned today: electric heaters are missing. 

So far I raised 300€ plus 1000€ from a company. I closed the old money pot in case you wonder.

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Le 5 décembre 2016 Birgit Baier a écrit :

Le 5 décembre 2016 Birgit Baier a écrit :

Le 5 décembre 2016 Birgit Baier a écrit :

Le 5 décembre 2016 Birgit Baier a écrit :

Dear all,

my time in Nepal was short but very effectful: with the 3000 Euro I could:

pay 6 more month rent and electricity, bought a new oven, water filter, 12 bedcovers, 12 matress covers, lots of kitchen equipment like for example storage boxes, shoe shelfes, hangers for the bathroom, new hangers for the children cloth....

I am very thankful for your support and will keep you posted. I met with a lawyer to talk about legal implications for me to learn about my plan to build a house for Laxmi and the children.



Le 6 novembre 2016 Birgit Baier a écrit :

Le 6 novembre 2016 Birgit Baier a écrit :

Le 3 novembre 2016 Birgit Baier a écrit :

dear all,

I met with the landlord today to talk about the rent and things that need to be fixed in the appartment. Tomorrow we will paz 6 month rent and get a plumber to change and fix a few things. We also came to an agreement to ensure the walls will stay dry goi8ng forward.

We made great progress over the last 3 days....

Le 2 novembre 2016 Birgit Baier a écrit :

Hi all, today is our big shopping day: 41 items are on our list: new waterfilter, 12 times bedlinnen, rice cooker, shoes, trousers, school uniform, stove, rice, cooking oil, detergents, containers, water heater etc.

thanks all for help making this happen. ......


Le 1 novembre 2016 Birgit Baier a écrit :

Having a great body painting time ...... kids loved the new school bags as well as the hair cutting machin and the portable room heater I carrried from Germany.....

Le 31 octobre 2016 Birgit Baier a écrit :

Finally .....

Le 31 octobre 2016 Birgit Baier a écrit :

Le 22 octobre 2016 Birgit Baier a écrit :

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Rabbit and heater are ready to travel.

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Birgit Baier

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Le 30 novembre 2016
FFW Deutschland GmbH
Best of luck with this amazing project on behalf of FFW Deutschland!
Le 24 octobre 2016
Sophie Dufouleur
Goog luck in making this happen Birgit but you are in a good path to make it! these kids are Lucky to have u!
Le 22 octobre 2016
Neal Prescott
Good luck!
Le 22 octobre 2016
Collin Cole
Can't wait to see this year's photos. Go Birgit & Team!
Le 21 octobre 2016
Zoë Mckay
Was really touched by your presentation @WPPstream. Lots of luck!
Le 20 octobre 2016
Beth-Ann Eason
Birgit - thank you for all you are doing for these beautiful children. It was a pleasure meeting you and I wish you all the best. Beth-An