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Créée par Kawsu Koroma

pour Kawsu koroma


(Assalamualaikum) Hello everyone & welcome

Bismillahi rahmani raheem

My name is kawsu koroma

Am from the gambia

Am having a quranic memorization school

Called (hallimatu saadiya quranic memorization center )

Am hereby seeking help from any eligible fellow brother and sister to please help to support the children's in their learning duration .

I am not financially strong enough to be able to provide their basic needs

Honestly we really suffer a lot in terms of food problem and a secure shelter for the children's

They are orphan's and are really in need of help

Am highly optimistic about their safety and protection and if any one is willing to help may the Almighty Allah grant you the strength and prosperity to be able to make as you wish to I thank you ...

Yours faithfull kawsu koroma

Thank you!