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Assunta-Roberto-Antonio - Hell and Back - My Canine Companion

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Hi All,


In February of this year we decided to set ourselves a difficult and meaningful personal challenge.


The Difficult part: On June 15th, we will be taking part in Hell and Back, Ireland’s Toughest Mental & Physical Endurance Challenge.


The Meaningful part: Using the event as a means to raise awareness and funds for a charity very close to our hearts, My Canine Companion.


My Canine Companion is a national charity whose main purpose is to provide highly trained and skilled service dogs to people with disabilities, particularly autism. These dogs offer children with autism independence, companionship and safety. They are life changing for both the child and their families. The charity receives no Government funding and relies solely on donations to achieve their purpose.


You can find more details about the charity on their website


Please help us support this amazing charity by donating if you can or by sharing this cause on your social media page.


Thank you


Assunta, Roberto and Antonio




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