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Fly traps for little baby orphanage

Organisé pour : Mygoma Orphanage Sudan

I’m going back to Sudan in August and want to install fly traps to stop the little babies been eaten by flies.




Earlier this year I went to Sudan to see some friends. I was a little nervous because of the uprising and the civil unrest but my friends assured me that the people of Sudan were loving and respectful and would never harm anyone. My friends were right. My beautiful, sweet and caring friend Sarra who I had met in London the year before decided to take me and Samah on a surprise visit to Mygoma orphanage in Khartoum. This was the first time I had been to an orphanage and the first time I’ve cried since my dog died. I shit you not.

The moment that broke me was when my finger was being held by this tiny little hand that didn’t want to let go. She was no more than a week old and looked me straight in the eyes; she just stared with this helpless look saying ‘don’t leave me’. I kept trying to brush the flies from her eyes but they just wouldn’t f**k off. These bloodsucking flies just wouldn’t stop

eating her right in front of me. Yeah that did it. I felt powerless to help and as I looked up at Samah I tried my best to be brave. I could see her struggling as much as me. There were around thirty new-born babies in this small room with four women doing their best to keep them all clean and fed. I asked the women how many rooms the orphanage had, she told me there were 30 rooms with over 600 babies aged between 0-4 years. I asked why there were so many and she explained that it was the only orphanage. In Khartoum, I asked? In Sudan, she replied.


When I left, I felt a determination to do something about it. Something achievable, something that would make a difference. Something to get rid of these flies!


I’m asking family, friends and their friends to help me to help them. I need a minimum £1,000 for bug-zapping lights and cables. I’m going to install one in each room when I go back. If I can raise more money I will spend it on netting for windows and doors, fans, mosquito nets, etc.


The money raised will only be spent on materials needed for the orphanage. There will be no expenses taken out. Every pound raised will be spent by me personally to make sure I achieve this simple goal of getting rid of the flies to ensure better living conditions in the orphanage. All work carried out will be done with my two hands or under my supervision. I will be paying any expenses out my pocket and suppling all labour free of charge.


I need £1,000 to make any difference. But I’d like to raise £10,000 to make big difference.


Please help us create a positive change in a challenging environment. 


Thanks for reading and giving. 


All the best

Tom x

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