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Dear Friends,

We arrive today to our 30th « daily Improvisation » simulcast - shared to our friends on Facebook and Instagram since the beginning of our isolation.

We plan to go on , because we understand through all your messages and comments that this is as important for you as is important for us.

We have built together a new kind of relation, a new kind of artistic proposition too, when you think about it. We need to keep a trace of these moments.

So, we thought we would prepare a colourful poster collecting the best images of the announcements we posted for the Daily Improvisation. It will be a great memento of what we have shared all through this crazy spring.

As soon as we have enough pre-orders to begin printing this poster we will send our templates to a professional printer. No doubt we will keep this in our memory forever and this trace of our community in isolation.

Soon we hope we will be able to travel again, to visit you, and imagine our joy when we can sign your poster and hug and shake your hands.

You decide what it’s worth. From 30 dollars to 30 Million dollars... more would be too mad, no?

Pre-order on Facebook, Instagram and on the I AM and Steve websites.

Here is a mock up of the poster realised by AJUQ (there maybe more than one version because we go on for possibly another 30 days..

So, Stay Safe, Stay Home, and we hope we will see you in person soon after that..