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Electric shock ends the life of an employee at the National Institute of Posts and Telecommunications, Rabat, Morocco. The man works for NEWREST, an international company for food catering which is charged with the restaurant of the Institute.He died on Friday, October 12th inside the restaurant of the National Institute of Posts and Telecommunications in Rabat, after being hit by an electric shock and killed instantly, while doing his normal "SAFE" work inside the restaurant.The deceased saved another woman who wanted to help him while being hit by the electricity, even while taking his last breaths he couldn't risk another person's life to save his own, he was indeed a good man and a hard-worker. He was remembered for being warmhearted, cheerful and loving.

The deceased left a 5month pregnant wife after being married for 10months only.

This left deep sadness and grief in the hearts of both the students and the staff members of the National Institute of Posts and Telecommunication, and for all these reasons we're pleading for you to help his needed family and especially his unborn son or daughter to have at least a better future after being left without the affection of a fatherMay his soul rest in peace.