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Support the dream of a young african soccerteam from Ghambia!

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Créée par Christian Rogotzki

pour Badi United FC Moudu the young midfield Player


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It was sevral month ago, when I met Moudu, a seventeen year old soccerplayer on Facebook. After a short period of time, he asked me if he could call me DAD because he had lost his parents, when he was 2. Since I have grown-up children myself in their midtwenties and a grandchild I decided one more Kid would'nt hurt ;-)! He turned out to be a wonderful boy. He studies hard in school and his dream is to become a professional soccerplayer. He has sent me since then many fotos and videos about his life with his grandma , his friends and of course everything around the soccerteam. I started to support him privately over Western Union. Now I decided to give fundraising a try to support the whole team unconditionally. All the money will be transferred to either Moudu, Basiru or Omar the Coach of the team. All people I do trust. Every euro donated is pure love. We will appreciate it.

Watch the team here: BADI UNITED FC

Peace and Love

Christian Rogotzki - the german "DAD" of Moudu