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Sea Turtles Yepez Foundation

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Dear all,

In 2018, I've spent almost 3 months as a volunteer in the Sea Turtle Yepez Foundation helping to save, preserve and reintegrate sea turtles. I've been amazed and humbled by the devotion, sacrifice and hard work the Yepez family has been doing since 1967. Next to helping one of the last dinosaurs from extinction, they also organize beach clean-ups, educational seminars, reforestation, etc (for more info, see: or

I have a lot to thank for the foundation Yepez, I have truly experienced an incredible journey here, not only learning a lot about sea turtles but also the Mexican culture. It also helped me to grow as a person and restore some faith in humanity. Nevertheless, there is so much more that we, humans living on this planet, can do to protect its fauna and flora from extinction and fundation Yepez is a leading example.

However, as a not-for-profit organization (in Mexico!), they have been doing all this work with very limited resources and I would like to ask you to join me in supporting this foundation in their mission. Any amount, will have a big impact on saving sea turtles, the people behind this foundation and planet Earth as a whole.

Thank you very much all,


Jan Rosetzky