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Scholarships for the School Of All Relations

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pour IRIS non-profit organisation


 “The question is not only what planet we will leave to our youth,

but what youth we will leave to our planet.”


Support young adults in developing their perception of the common good,

 opening ways to a more solidary future.


We are a greek-french couple and we have founded a center for personal and inter-personal development on the island of Aegina in Greece, Oikia Karapanou ( one of the first of its kind in the country at the time of its establishment in 1995.


 The School Of All Relations was born out of the wish to respond to the acuteness of global disorder by offering empowerment to the young generation. 

Thanks to the support of over 30 volunteers and 20 trainers coming from all over the world, the School opened its doors in November 2015.


SOAR promotes the education of consciousness through an exploration of the relation to self, to others and to the greater whole.We offer 4 to 6 month long, international, community rooted programs to young adults aged 18-30. Our aim is to provide them with a stepping stone towards a fruitful adulthood by supporting them in developing a grounded relation with inner and outer resources which will give them the strength and inspiration to become adults of integrity, respectful of all life, able to respond creatively to the challenges of their time.

The SOAR program (link here) combines a set of workshops fostering personal development and community building interwoven with daily practices in mindfulness, body work, communication, group dynamics and more, all embedded in the deep learnings of community life.



SOAR is a non-profit initiative, mainly funded by the participation fees. We do not benefit from any kind of grant or financial support. During the first two years, striving to lower as much as possible the participation fees, the hosting team worked on a completely volunteer basis.In 2015-2016 we self-funded two full scholarships for two young Greeks.In 2016-2017 we created our first crowdfunding platform and thanks to the generosity of many friends, we managed to offer 6, full or partial, scholarships.Those two first sessions, 6 months long each, had such a deep, beneficial impact on the development of our participants (See testimonies here) that we decided to continue no matter the cost. We are now working towards our upcoming session (a 4 month long one this time, January 13th-May 3rd), still on a volunteer basis for the whole of the organizing team and for some of our contributors.In parallel we are investigating ways to establish the school’s sustainability.


Please help us support some young people who aspire to this opportunity

but who cannot meet the financial cost.


Scholarships will be granted in priority to young Greeks.Young Greeks have been struggling for years with uncertainty, lack of opportunities, unemployment and often depression within their close environment. The majority of them are highly educated and speak more than two foreign languages. However Greece’s current socio-economic environment pushes them more and more to isolation, self-doubt and a sense of powerlessness. We would particularly like to offer them a possibility to gain the skills, insights, experiences and connections that will help them give meaning to their life and empower them to resume taking initiative.


By helping us to offer a scholarship not only do you contribute to the education and the well-being of an individual, but to a social change impulsed by young persons, in service of the common good.A full scholarship (covering accommodation, food, teachings, material, travel costs etc…) amounts to 5000 euros. Our wish is to be able to provide a minimum of three.Every donation is precious. There is no small amount. Even 5 euro will give us great encouragement to continue our work.


We thank you for your support!