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Save Our Ocean - Save Our Future

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pour TAF - The Animal Fund




The Ocean delivers up to 85% of our oxygen. 

Please help us to save it. 

•    TAF - The Animal Fund, is a non-profit environmental organization established in 2015 with more than 1200 supporters, 100 volunteers and 250 members to date. 

•    We seek to protect the endangered ocean and its marine life, and most particularly the whales for their vital role in the ocean’s ecosystem.

•    We already have achieved a lot by our many events, approximately 50 per year.

•    TAF has educated 25,000 people, collected 3,5 tons of plastic and cigarettes butts. We have an active presence on all social media channels.

•    Over 4,000 people have engaged in our campaigns and 42 conferences. 

•    We have hosted 50 stands at events as well as educated in 27 schools about the endangered marine life. 

However, still we have a lot to accomplish.


We need your support to fund: 

  • Our environmental campaigns, including providing school children with sustainable reusable bottles.
  • Educational material to continue our school education program. Please visit: and follow us on FB, Instagram or Twitter.

Any support is highly appreciated.

We thank you for any help you can offer.

Yours sincerely 

TAF - The Animal Fund