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Roofing a school in the Himalaya

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Hello everyone & welcome to this money pot!

In July 2019, Shamjhana and Shreejan started to build a learning center for poor children of the rural village Dhading. Some volunteers arrived in 2019 from France and Netherland to volunteer physically in construction. But in 2020, due to Covid 19, roofing, channel gate (main gate of building) and the toilets are still incomplete. This year, we are planning to complete basic structure of the school so that we can start teaching and traning for our children, with no cost for them.

That is why we need your financial support to finish the construction work !

Here are the details of the costs :- Channel gate : 2500 euros- Toilets : 1000 euros- Roofing : 520 euros- Transportation : 1050 euros

In total we need 5070 euros.Please, give however much you want ! All payments are 100% secure.

Thank you !

Shamjhana and Shreejan