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Rice for the Himalayas

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Créée par Stephanie Duriez Leroy

pour Pemba Sherpa


Dear Family and Friends,

Namaste from Dubai and Kathmandu and welcome to the "Rice for the Himalayas" money pot !

With just 1-click you can contribute to this emergency fund to help the villagers of Phakding, in The Himalayas who are badly affected by the COVID pandemic.

Further to the worldwide travel restrictions, tourists have cancelled their trips to the majestic Himalayas resulting in a total absence of revenue for those villages completely dependent on the economy generated by the travellers. Located in the remote areas of Nepal, they are unfortunatley neglected by their government.

Let me give you a bit of background... In Summer 2018, I left for holidays in Italy and realized I had forgotten all my books expcept one "The Lonely Planet" about Nepal. Every night, I was reading relentlessly this book, dreaming and imagining the natural beauties of this country, promissing to myself to visit it very soon. In November of the same year, my grand-mother passed away and left me with a beautiful legacy. After her funerals, my family had organised a gathering to thank the people who has attended the ceremony, as per the French tradition. Among the attendees, were Mr & Mrs Lesot, friends of my parents from the same village as us and whom I knew for their generosity and passion for Nepal. I asked them about recommentations to visit Nepal and they introduced me to their adopted Nepalese son Pemba Sherpa, mountain guide, originated from the Himalayas. In December 2018, the 5 of us and my Dad visited Kathmandu and its valley, met Pemba and fell in love with this beautiful country. In April 2019, Gaspard, Paola, Jean and I travelled to Pokara, trekked for 5 days in the Annapurnas, visited many villages, safely guided by Pemba and his team. It is one of our most memorable and lovely experiences. The exploration should have continued but unfortunately the Covid pandemic surged and upended many of our projects.

Today, with my friend, Pemba Sherpa, who I trust 100% for his honesty, integrity and transparency, we decided to support the people affected by the pandemic and support them with their essential needs. Our first objective is to give them access to food/rice. Thanks to this money pot, I will send the money to Pemba who will convert it into rice bags to each family in needs in his area.

With just 1-click you can contribute to this emergency solidarity chain.

  • Give however much you want. For your information, 1 bag of 10kg rice costs 5 euros in Nepal, it is not so much for us but means so much for them.
  • You can chose to be anonymous.
  • All payments are 100% secure.
  • Our organization is very simple, just Pemba and I, therefore there is absolutely no waste in the redistribution of your contribution.

We open this money pot till 31st december 2020, we thank you very much in advance for taking time to read this message.

With love and care,

Stephanie & Pemba

Ps : The profile picture is the smile of Himalayan children when receiving the cloths of Paola.