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Restore the Kichwa ceremonial house and creation of the center of ancestral traditions in Italy (Puglia)

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Créée par Gianni Giacinto Turitto

pour Taita Isaias Muñoz Macanilla and Sacred Garden Puglia


We ask for your support for the realization of two important missions:


Isaias Macanilla belongs to the Kichwa tribe of the colombian amazon region.He is a “Mayor” an Elder of his Tribe and a “Taita curandero”, an ancestral doctor recognized by his own and other tribes, as well as officially by the government of Colombia.In this way and many ways he is a national treasure.He possesses a vast body of knowledge based on the study of nature, the usage of healing plants and methods grounded in his 40+ years of experience as a healer and in the accumulated wisdom of his tribe. He openly shares this wisdom with the world to the best of his possibilities and has helped many people all over the world to find healing and insight and improve their lives significantly.Now Taita Isaias is needing our help to refurbish his ceremonial house, also called “Maloca”, that he inherited from his dear father who was a great doctor of the jungle.The Maloca has been falling apart due to its age and the high humidity and heat that it must endure in the forest. With your donations, we intend to support and help our dear Taita Isaias, to renovate this “Maloca” and hence to prevent this important place of culture, knowledge and healing from being lost.

By restoring his Maloca, Taita Isaias will be able to continue healing the people of his village and patients from outside in a dignified place and allow his medical arts to be passed down to the younger generations of his people, as well as give the possibility to receive people who come from other places of the world who want to learn and to heal.


According to our present capacities we are buying a house that will be the basis of Taita Isaias' work in Europe. This house needs a renovation as well and we invite you to support us in this endeavor.It is located in the south of Italy, in Monopoli (Bari) in the beautiful Puglia region.Before we came along the space was functioning as a yoga center and a spiritual center for the Auroville community.The creation of our “Center of Ancestral Traditions” is a calling and an opportunity for our family to contribute to the transmission of the vital message that Taita Isaias wants to share with the world and herewith to support the development of human potential.The center is intended to become a place for the family and the community around the world that wants to be part of the mission to reestablish the relationship of respect between humans and the earth.

Our Vision is to create a center for the expression and study of the healing arts of the earth. A place that helps us to expand and deepen our awareness of what it means to live truly.

Here we will explore and practice different arts and disciplines like permaculture, botany, indigenous plant medicine as well as practices for the body, mind and soul that will strengthen our communities and enable us to help create a new and better way to live and share on this Earth. To not only survive, but to live well, in harmony with ourselves and our nature.

For those who do not know us, we are the nucleus of a family that since eleven years has been guarding circles of ancestral indigenous knowledge in different places of Europe and we accompany Taita Isaías on his mission and path through the old continent.For us Juana, Gianni and our children, as a small Family who has the precious gift of having an extended family of friends in the world with whom we are co-creating this great project, it will be an honor to receive you in our space and our hearts.For all of you who already know the benefits of our work, this is a great opportunity to grow even closer together and we again want to thank you for your ongoing support!In order to provide transparency and give the opportunity to accompany us on our journey of bringing this vision and mission to life, we invite you to come and visit us during this period of creation and renovation. Furthermore we want to document the process of building this project and share it with you.By supporting us you will help to plant and grow a new seed deeply rooted and bringing forth an abundance of well being for all of us and our future generations. The basis of a new alternative way of life, that will manifest itself in the union of new emerging healthy individuals, communities and families. Guarded in their evolution by the blessings and the wisdom of the earth, the guidance of our great master Taita Isaias, his tradition and legacy and last but not least our shared experience and our own hearts.Thank you all !