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Recycling plastic and beyond

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Créée par dhruba khatri

pour Changu Narayan Nepal


Namaste !

Changu Narayan is a small and beautiful village, home of the oldest hindu temple in Nepal, and located 20 km from Kathmandu.

Dhruba's family has lived in Changu Narayan for many generations and they've always been involved in the life of the local community. 


Dhruba helps his village the best he can, but over those years, there is one big issue that he can not solved on his own : the waste management.

The villagers don't have any solutions to collect their trashes, they don't have bins and containers nearby, or any system of waste management established by the government. So all the trashes are burnt, plastic included.


Your help will enable : 

1. First, to provide 3 bins for each home of the village and 3 main containers : glass, plastic and organic waste, to separate and collect the trashes.

2. Then, an Nepali independant organisation in charge of picking waste and recycle them will come to the village to collect the trashes and take them to a recycling centre in Kathmandou.


The aim of this project is to help them build their own system to preserve the beauty of the village.


So if you want to help the environmental project of the village of Changu Narayan :

  • Give as much as you'd like, all help is welcome and useful !
  • All payments are 100% secure

Thank you!