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Hello and Welcome to my Money pot

🇬🇧 Hello 👋Welcome to my money pot, the goal of this is to finance my 2022 half season & 2023 season of motorcycle racing in spain.Motorcycle racing is something very expensive & finding sponsors when we are "unknown" is almost impossible. I am lucky to have my mechanic/coach and garage #motorislandmarseille who very kindfully gave me my racing gears, a thank you that I could only give by a victory. Since 2013 when I started motorcycle racing in Thailand alongside Keminth Kubo #81 who now race in Moto2. My goal has always been to be first, unfortunately my budget didn't allow me to have a great bike at all, I was racing with a motorcycle that was almost stock and despite my efforts the difference of power & everything was way to big. I had to stop racing due to personnal problems and budget. I started again late in 2021 in France with an old SV 650, but same thing, almost stock bike was impossible to fight + the lack of training because my budget was very tight, I could only make one race and didn't get on the podium. Now I have the opportunity to be on a real race bike that is great and fast in the Spanish/European championship, however I need the budget...which is the only missing thing to be able to show my skills and have the chance to try to thank you all 🙏

I know that I am literally nobody, unknown, no results at all but I one only goal, it's to ride and win, and keep getting better to go to the highest possible level.All the names/nicknames of the people who helps will be on my official helmet for the seasons.I will also make a flag with the names of all the people who helped.For each posts on social medias I will tag the people who helped 5 by 5, and maybe later some t-shirts.

I ask 10€ from everybody, if you want to give more or less it's up to you but what counts for me is the gesture, I hope to be able to start my first race as soon as possible in order to show you my helmet with all your names on it and take out my flag with you on it!

WISHED DEADLINE : 31/07/2022

You can follow my path from the start until now on my social accounts:

Facebook : TaDy34

Instagram : TaDydck34