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A Guide About Thesis Writing

A Guide About Thesis Writing

If you want your thesis to create a strong impact on the readers, every tiny detail in your thesis should be on point. Students make some minor mistakes while writing a thesis that can have a huge impact on the final result.


Here are a few mistakes that you should avoid while writing your thesis.


Lots and lots of research is required.

In order to write a thesis lots of research is required, more than any other form of academic writing. With enough research, you will have a different idea for your thesis. You need to have enough evidence to support your argument in your thesis.

Students often don’t do enough research regarding their topic. When you don’t have enough evidence or facts to support your thesis, it can undermine the quality of work. Your thesis won’t have an impact on the readers if it lacks evidence.


You cannot write a thesis in one night.

Some students have terrible habit procrastination. You can write a 500-word essay in one night. But don’t consider putting your thesis off until the last minute. This can cost you a huge deal.


On average, a thesis is of 100-200 pages. That is a lot of work to do in one night. You have to do extensive research on your topic. Read and analyze previous researches, write a proposal and rough draft for your supervisor.

It is better to keep enough time in the end so that you can take feedback from others and act accordingly.


Choose the topic of your interest.

Choose a topic you are interested in. You have to research a lot of stuff regarding that. If you go for a topic that is not of your interest, you will be wasting your time and energy. You can only write better if you are interested in it.

If after a month you find out that you cannot pay attention to your research because of your topic, you will be in a tough situation then.


Organizing everything is important.

Maintain a system to keep track of everything you are using in your research. If you are using any quotes or results from previous researches, you have to mention everything in your thesis.


Writing a thesis is not very difficult. Avoid making these minor mistakes and you will end up with a great thesis.

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