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Protect The Livelihood of Refugee Women living in Istanbul

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Créée par Lucia Cerquetella

pour Muhra Social Enterprise

This month we were meant to celebrate our 3rd anniversary, however could not do so because of the outbreak of Covid-19.

We are Muhra, a Women Social Enterprise based in Istanbul. A collective of refugee women from the Middle East and North Africa, that have come together to create a new life. Expressing the beauty of a new life through hand-made clothes, jewelry, and accessories that we create and sell online as well as markets & fairs abroad.

As the world is facing an impressive number of people in quarantine and an ever-increasing number of infected people, needs are rapidly increasing worldwide. This puts heavy pressure on vulnerable communities and families. This sitaution is already affecting the stability of the economy, this will affect the work of Small Businesses including ours.

Nowdays we are struggling with generating income for the women. This is because the production and all other operations within the Enterprise have been put on hold until further notice. However, we need to give the women & their families financial support during these uncertain times.

3 years of efforts, love, energy and investment should continue!

With YOUR support, we can make sure that we can continue the work we love.

Also, it is an opportunity for us to share the handmade products with you. For every donation, we will send you one product of our Drop Earrings Not Bomby collection. Let ́s connect, share and support each other during these times!

About us

In 2017 Muhra was launched as a socially conscious and women empowering brand, created by female artisans through a collective journey. Together they are rebuilding their lives in Istanbul. Muhra encompasses the idea that we are all capable of learning, growing, and creating better lives with each other ́s support.

We are representing growth, vitality and strength through our young Social Enterprise.

Our MISSION is to engage in the following actions:

* Improving our income and financial stability

* Becoming role models on our communities

* Developing the courage to plan for our futures

Our VISION is to make Muhra a safe space for the artisan women to come together to explore, connect, share and grow both on a personal and professional level.

Together we are boundless!

Why do we need financial support?

Due to the current uncertain circumstances, we had to stop sales and other operations for now. This is to protect the artisan women ́s wellbeing as best as we can. Unfortunately, this negatively influenced the income that we usually generate.

In order to keep being a source of support to the women, we are striving to continue giving them their monthly payment. The sum of your help can make a vital difference to these families.

The collect of these funds will make it possible:

1. to sustain the payment for the women in the months of April, May & June

2. continue our work in producing hand-made products in the future

Your involvment will enable us to achieve the following:

10-50 EUROS help the women and their families for a weekly support.

100 EUROS supports 1 women per month

200 EUROS supports 2 women per month

300 EUROS supports 3 women per month

400 EUROS supports 4 women per month

Your support is appreciated and we all wish youhealthy and safe days.