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creating links is a non-profit project by a collective of art psychotherapists from different nations. Our team began collaborating in 2015 in order to create sustainable concepts that support communities with issues of displacement, trauma and difference. Our staff have spent many years working in different countries and gained extensive experience in intercultural contexts. As therapists we have supported clients from traumatised, displaced or politically persecuted populations and minorities. codes 


Our vision: creating links aims to establish a sustainable network of professionals who can address and cater for the emotional needs of communities experiencing issues surrounding difference, displacement and trauma. By understanding psychological needs, holistically trained adults will be better able to facilitate reflective thinking processes in their daily practice. By collaborating with key institutions and organisations in communities we work towards emotionally enabled societies in which the well-being and resilience of vulnerable populations is enhanced. 

Our approach: As creative mental health specialists we have developed tailored programmes to support those working with displacement, trauma and difference. In collaboration with established local skills and knowledge, creating links offers psychoeducation and reflective approaches to professionals working with displaced and traumatised populations. Drawing on a universal means of expression, our experiential training programmes focus on artbased techniques that also help transcend language and cultural barriers.

International partnerships: creating links follows a multicultural and multidisciplinary approach that values and promotes cross-cultural collaboration and builds on international partnerships. We are aware that more than 80 % of all displaced people reside in lower-income countries, which are potentially less equipped to cater for the arising diversity of needs. As we see issues of displacement as a global challenge, we aim to collaborate and empower communities on an international level.


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