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Pieter Van Puymbroeck : education boost for Manten

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pour Manten Van Puymbroeck


The loss of our friend and colleague Pieter van Puymbroeck shocked and devastated us all. "Pupi" passed away too soon, only 38 years, old and is survived by his son, Manten, age 8.

Manten now will have to get big without his amazing father'slove, without his smart father's advice, without his dynamic father's energy.

It is a dramatic and unfortunate situation for the boy.

Nothing can compensate for his loss or replace this unique man he lost for his future. Manten, your growing-up came way too soon. Our hearts and best wishes are with you.

Today, we ask you, Pieter's acquaintances, friends, and colleagues, to help move future obstacles to getting a good education out of Manten's way by supporting this fundraiser and because Pieter would have done anything for his "Puma" and "kabouter" Manten.

Your small gift today will mean a lot for Manten's future.

Thank you very much! - The Friends and Colleagues of Pieter

Please celebrate his life with us in the following video