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Dear EDITION team,

As some of you may have heard, Philippines have been ravaged by a Typhoon. Some of our colleagues have family there, their houses have been destroyed and they lost their belonging.

We want to help and raise some money to support them.


Please see below a message to Rachel Anne to us:

Dear Edition Family,

One week before Christmas Typhoon Odette (International name: Rai) the strongest typhoon Ravaged the Central and Southern parts of the Philippines on December 16-17 2021, it started around 1pm from other regions of the Philippines and the eye of the typhoon lands until dawn in our hometown provinces in the Philippines. What happened is still so fresh until now, every detail,every feeling,every worry are still felt by some filipinos which was badly affected. A lot of livelihood were gone, many families had lost their houses including ours and even lives were lost during the catastrophe, the devastation was unforgettable. It was the first time in our whole life my family experienced a traumatic such tragedy in our place. But despite the trials they are facing right now, seeing the smiles on their faces and the heartbreaking yet uplifting spirit of "Importante Buhi" or "the most Important is we're alive" shows how optimistic and resilient these people are and had me the reason to help and this is the only way I could help them and to ease their pain.

In behalf of the victims of Typhoon Odette especially my family and neighbours in my hometown, I am Rachel from Ronda Cebu Philippines, knocking on your generous and humble heart to please help me raise some aid for my small hometown who is devastatingly hit by Typhoon (Rai) locally named as Odette. They were on Signal number 4 category. All telecommunications are down, even at this moment i wasn't able to have a direct contact with my parents only my brother who travel 5 hrs to the city from our province to find connection to update us even just for a couple of minutes, no electricity, no internet, limited food and no water supply at this moment. The life in my country is tough. You work hard for less money and in a blink of an eye, everything is lost. God is still good to spare one's life coz we Filipinos are resilient and will always rise up. Morever, With the aid of your help and heartfelt donations of any kind amount, it can provide water, food and medicine. From there on, the trusted individual will buy all the relief goods to be sent and distributed to our hometown (Ronda Cebu Philippines).

And In behalf of my 2 co-filipino workers, one is from Bohol (Arlyn: uniform attendant) which she is also from one of which greatly affected areas in the Philippines and 1 guy (kitchen staff) who somehow lost his family's source of income in cebu. I know their families are also in need of basic necessities. I want to share to them the financial support that will be raise. Or if you want to offer them personally the support is way better. Bohol and Cebu Philippines are now under state of calamity. Also your contributions will help other families who got affected by the pandemic and lost their source of income. Everything will be documented including your financial support.

If you have questions, I would be happy to provide you with more information. May God repay you a hundred folds for your kind donation. 🙏🏻🖤

(this is open to anyone who wants to help and support)

these are the devastating reality and aftermath of typhoon Odette. Together we rise strong, but we need help too, that's the reality. 😔thank you so much and may God bless us all.🙏🏻🖤