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Hello everyone & welcome to this money pot!

*GIFT:* 🎁To preface: please do not feel pressure for this ~ I completely understand if budgets are tight these days.

*SO WHAT’s THE GIFT!?* A communal pot of money for a new KITCHEN OVEN which I will gift my dear friends Menachem & Raizel. If you personally know them, please do not tell them 🤫

*Story* ~ Menachem & Raizel are friends of mine in LA. They are a married, Jewish orthodox couple living in studio city with their two, adorable little children. They have taken me in like family ever since I moved to the city. Every single Friday, they invite me and many other guests to their home and feed us a giant homemade Shabbat dinner. They live life with open DOORS and open HEARTS ♥️ However, I noticed that their oven has been broken for a long time now and it’s expensive for them to get it replaced. I’d like to offer them, with the help of your generosity, some extra money to order a new one, or frankly, to use it for whatever they currently need the most...

This would make me happiest. Any euro counts 🫶

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