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Hi Everyone

As you know several of our colleagues are personally impacted by the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. Together with Yves’s leadership and Sophie Gagey’s help, Tina, Mateusz, Timoer, Bianca, Anthony and Gabriela have created an informative social media campaign to help point Ukrainians who are fleeing their country.

In partnership with selected Polish and Romanian key organizations, we will run a campaign in Ukraine redirecting to the sites will all the information that the Ukrainians need to know to help them plan the journey and the available support on the ground after crossing the border.

To do this we as an agency are sponsoring this initiative with €2500.

To make the campaign truly effective we need about €5000.

This is where you come in.

If you’re keen to help, we’ve created this money pot. Feel free to donate what you want.

We want to make a real and meaningful difference.

No pressure but put our words into action.

No contribution is too small.

Thank you.

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