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Orkney Women’s Football Clubs Highlands & Islands league fundraiser

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Créée par Charlene Mackenzie

pour Orkney Women s Football Club


Hello everyone & welcome to this money pot fundraiser!!

With just 1-click you can support Orkney Women's Football team through their first ever time in The Highlands and Islands women's league. A huge opportunity and honour for our team.

The best thing about this fundraiser is that you have an opportunity to Win too!! This pot collects all of the donations and automatically enters you for a chance to win half of its contents!!.

On the 4th of September the final amount is tallied and the lucky winner will receive half of what's raised with our team gratefully receiving the other half. This will go towards the league costs,travel and training.

So let's play and may the Luck be with you!!

  • Give however much you want!!
  • All payments are 100% secure
  • Why It's easy & transparent!

From all the lasses and our lovely coaches at OWFC a big Thank you!