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pour Sintang Orangutan Center Borneo


Hello everyone & welcome to this money pot!

The word orangutan comes from the Malay words “Orang” (meaning: person) and “Hutan” (meaning: of the forest). This ̈person of the forest ̈ lives in Sumatra and Borneo but is threatened by deforestation, poaching or illegal trade of orangutan babies.

Sintang Orangutan Center, located in Sintang, Borneo, specializes in the rescue, rehabilitation, and release of orangutans back into the wild. And that will be my mission in December. Volunteering in the forest school where the orangutans can practice all their forest survival skills is the last step in rehabilitation before being released into the wild.

Donations are the backbone of the Center's activities. Please fund me; I’ll ensure the fund is delivered personally at the Center. Sinta, Mungky, Hope, Boy, and Otan, to name a few orangutans, will be incredibly thankful for your donation.