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Operation for Pablo's respiratory tract

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Hi Everyone!

I would like to realize an operation for Pablo's respiratory tract. Pablo is a young, lovely Frenchie Bulldog, who was brought from Italy to Switzerland by my cousin's girlfriend about 1.5 years ago. She quickly noticed that Pablo has severe breathing problems and that his life is severely restricted as a result. Currently Pablo is receiving a breathing therapy, which however only alleviates the symptoms a little. We had to realize that Pablo is unfortunately massively overbred sad.

I would like to give Pablo a happy life and therefore I ask the community to help her with her dog surgery. Unfortunately she does not have the financial capacity to enable Pablo to have the operation.

The Swiss veterinarian has announced operation costs in the amount of 4000 Swiss Francs.

I look forward to any support we can give Pablo!

Video where you can here/see the breath problems of Pablo:

It really hurts to see him suffering with this problem..

kind regards, Cristian Braem