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Plant a Tree - Fund for the Future

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Adopt a Tree

Funding for the future of Subud & the World 


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

To end this year on a hopeful note, let's make a gift that will be beneficial to our planet.

We are launching an initiative to support the rehabilitation of the rainforest in Central Kalimantan, land of Dayaks and a place with much Subud history. If you donate to this fund, a tree will be planted in your name in Borneo. The location is Jumpun Pambelom - 1 hour from Rungan Sari Subud Center. This forest is currently being rehabilitated and protected by local activists.

Through this process, you will also invest in the future of Subud and it's Youth. We are moving forward hand in hand in the hopes to expose how important it is for all of us to work together in keeping our great organisation alive. All benefits above tree planting costs will be redistributed fairly amongst WSA and SYA. They will be invested in the development of the World Congress 2018 and Youth events such as Basara or Yes Quest, helping people around the World explore their inner potentials.


Details about donations:

- Donations above 15€ - Adopt a tree with a name plaque in Borneo, get a photo of it and contribute to Subud's growth.

- Donations between 5€ and 15€ - Adopt a tree without a name plaque in Borneo and contribute to Subud's growth.

- Donations below 5€ - Contribute to Subud's growth (cannot cover tree planting costs).

- All names and donations will be private. However, please submit your donation with the name you want on the tree and the email adress where you would like to receive a photo of it.

- If you donate more than 15€ and do not wish to have the name plaque on the tree, let us know.

The Jumpun Pambelom Program has succesfully planted more than 20 hectares worth of trees still standing today. Every year, they vow to protect the forests of Central Kalimantan from the danger it faces.
Below: A Subud Youth planting 15 trees in a recently burnt area.
Plant a tree in Borneo and help the growth of Subud at the same time.

Make a difference for the New Year :)