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Kitchen for homeless refugees and homeless locals in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Our project is well established by now. We expanded our work. Kitchen now cooks 2 hot meals a day and distributes to streets and parks in Thessaloniki and to one of the camps nearby. Our Facebook page is the best source of daily updates on our work. We are a small private group and cooperate with several groups in order to make our entire operation possible. Winter in Northern Greece is severe and there are still about 61.000 refugees in Greece. Small volunteer initiatives such as ours are flexible and adapt to daily needs quickly and efficiently. We are doing our best to cook on daily basis and the need is not smaller but bigger every day. Please support us with as much donation as you can afford. We can provide a hot meal for as little as 30 cents. And daily need is for 100-400 people.  Food, water, sometimes sweets for kids :) Ok, so much for now. Thanks to everyone, thanks for helping us feed the people.