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Medica Afghanistan's medical emergency fund

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Welcome to Medica Afghanistan's medical emergency fund !

Violence against women and girls is still pervasive in our country and it hinders peace and development for all Afghan people. At Medica Afghanistan, we have been committed to end this violence since 2002. Despite struggling with an increasingly insecure environment, our team successfully supports 2,000 women every year with psychosocial counselling and legal aid. We also work with key people in politics and society to raise their awareness and build their capacity, and advocate for local and national policies to strengthen the rights of women.


All of the women served by Medica Afghanistan are especially vulnerable – many of them being widows who have been traumatized by violence and face extreme poverty with no means of economic support. Some of them need urgent medical support.  While we don’t provide medical services ourselves, we cooperate with hospitals where we refer our clients for examination and treatment. To continue offering this support in 2017, we still need funding. Every donation counts - even a small donation of 20 – 50 Euro can provide them with the medical attention they need to cope and recover from their pain and hardship.


  • One of our clients, a 25 year old woman, was suffering from goiter, a condition which causes an abnormal enlargement of the thyroid. As a result of this, she had difficulties in breathing and swallowing, oftentimes leaving her coughing at length and breathless. She would often jolt from sleep and was always nervous about not being able to do something very basic, that is, to breathe. As she was very poor and not able to support her treatment’s expenses, we supported her through her surgery after which, her nervousness, palpitation, shortness of breath and fatigue disappeared.

“Now I feel better. I can easily communicate in society and I don’t feel ashamed. Before that I felt that everybody paid attention to my illness.” 

The cost of her treatment was approximately US$300.


  • Another client was suffering from severe prolapsed uterus, a condition which causes the uterus to weaken and sag into the vagina. Provided she was client to another services of Medica Afghanistan, yet again we helped her for her treatment, because due to her tight economic condition she was not paying serious attention to her health situation. We urgently referred her for medical examination and a hysterectomy was performed on her. To support her, we helped to pay her laboratory tests and medicine at a private hospital, which amounted to approx. USD$120.


  • Another client, a survivor of violence, was suffering from severe back pain as a result of beatings. We referred her to a Japanese clinic for physiotherapy to manage her symptoms. After six sessions of physiotherapy, she no longer has pain in her back and is happy to be able to return back to her normal life and live free of pain. To support her, we helped to pay her physiotherapy sessions which amounted to approx. USD$40.

We have also supported many other clients from funding their CT scan examinations to surgery and finally, ensuring they receive physiotherapy treatment so that they can completely recover post-treatment.

Currently, we are seeking urgent funding for a number of our clients. One of our clients who is only 23 years old is suffering from congenital heart disease, which is defect in the heart structure. She has been treated at the French Medical Institute for Children in Kabul, Afghanistan. However, the doctors have recommended that she undergo further examination and treatment in India, where there are facilities and specialists to look into her specific condition.  We are currently looking for 1500 $ of funding of her trip to India so that she can obtain the initial treatment that she urgently needs to fully recover and return back to her normal life once again.


Any contribution at all is valuable. Most survivors of violence who are brave enough to leave their homes and approach us for assistance suffer from injuries which require treatment. Without proper and prompt medical treatment, these injuries can worsen and become life-long, making it difficult for them to recover and move on with their lives. We believe that the right and access to medical care is a new lifeline for survivors. And, it is integral to the cause which are fighting for. For women to be able to live a life free from violence and a life where they can reach their full potential, they must be able to access and receive medical care. This is a right that we are fighting for and we hope that you can join us in our cause and raise the funding that we need to make this a reality. 


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