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Natasha's Atlantic Dream

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Hello everyone & welcome to this money pot!

Hello everyone,

Our daughter Natasha is 21 and has quadraplegic athertoid cerebral palsy which affects all her limbs and speech. We are incredibly proud of Natasha, she requires lots of support from different equipment and technology to do things we take for granted, like sitting and standing, talking and writing..,, she needs help 24 hrs a day every day, but despite all her challenges she has an amazing personality, she is such a happy young lady with a love of life, and dreams of adventure!

In order to fulfill Natasha's dreams and hopes for the future our family and friends work hard to support and enable her, not just in her everyday life but with her passion for the sea and sailing!

Sailing has completely changed Natasha's life....Natasha has been sailing a specially adapted boat for 6 years now, the boat is sailed by mouth using a sip puff system desinged by Natashas Dad Gary. Natasha has sailed all over the UK Ireland and to France, and raised over £60,000 for charities, as she really loves to be usefull and found fundraising is such a great way not just to meet people but also to be able to help others- something that for someone with Natasha's limited physical capabilities is fantastic, . Natasha has not just found a sport she loves and can fully participate and compete in but can use her sport to inspire others and, a career fundraising!

In 2019 Natasha is hoping to take on the ultimate challenge and sail across The Atlantic Ocean! The challenge start date is 24th November 2019 and Natasha is due to join the startline of The ARC Transatlantic Race.

We have secured a boat, a 46 ft Catamaran, but now we need it to have it specially adapted, we have a long list of jobs and equipment that is required to enable to live and sail the boat which is estimated to cost in excess of £150,000! To date a few companies have said they would help with some materials which is fantastic, but we still have a long list.... So we are looking for help and support....

The boat needs to be ready by the end of April, so Natasha can carry out the necessary training before the Challenge date.

We are looking for donations towards the boats conversion and to complete the project.If you would like any further information and to become involved in this project we would greatly appreciate your help. We can be contacted through the website at

This is a toally unique and extremely exciting project, with lots of 1st's.

We will be posting updates and blogs for you to follow.....

Natasha says 'I will be the first person to sail across the Atlantic by sip-puff

technology which means I sail by a single straw in my mouth. I want to demonstrate whats possible with great teamwork and I hope many more able and disabled people will be inspired to follow their dreams'

Please help Natasha cross the Atlantic Ocean -by making a donation!

Thank you


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