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"Hello? Hello, can you hear me?... Can you hear me now?""I'm sorry, I was on mute."

Let us guess. You hear these phrases at least once per virtual meeting?

“On mute” has become a buzzword around the world during the pandemic, with many people adding the tag to their list of most annoying words of 2020. Some of our Airport colleagues, however, saw an opportunity to turn this buzzword around and use it to create a much-needed light relief in the team while giving back to society.

They came up with the Mute Challenge idea - essentially to pay 1 euro every time we say: Sorry, I was on mute. The funds collected will be donated to UNICEF, the UN agency that protects and defends children’s rights and helps them fulfill their potential, from early childhood to adolescence.

The Mute Challenge is open to everyone at Airport IT and it will run from now to December 2021. It is completely voluntary, with no gatekeepers or monitoring. If you decide to take on the challenge, you can give your contributions to your respective Country Representatives, as per the table below.