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Hi Movifyers,

Ambulances to save lives

Ambulances to give life

Ambulances for peace

BEforUkraine procures new or second hand ambulances which are thenrefurbished. This non-profit organisation ensures delivery of these ambulancesat the hospitals of Kiev, Irpin and Vinnytsia, where they are sorely needed.

They already sourced and delivered five ambulances in collaboration with theUkrainian Embassy in Belgium, the Ukrainian Ministry of Health and theNational Cancer Institute of Kiev. These ambulances are already fullyoperational and are saving lives as we speak.

BEforUkraine recently purchased another five new ambulances. Once these are refurbished withthe latest medical hardware and filled up with medical supplies, they will handthem over to the hospitals of Lviv, Kiev and Odessa.

Ukraine is in dire need of many more ambulances though.Movify can help by sponsoring an ambulance (or part of an ambulance), to help save lives in Ukraine.