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Maša Kovac - WFNBTA World Championships 2020

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Hello everyone!

My name is Maša and I LOVE the sport of baton twirling.

I have worked very hard to represent my country in many international competitions, and I am proud to have placed in the top 10 in WBTF and top 5 NBTA world championships.

I am from Slovenia, which is not a very big baton twirling country. In fact, I am the only athlete competing this year who will be attending the 2020 WFNBTA World Championships!

Due to the circumstances, there is no funding available to me from my federation.


My dream is to train hard, continue to improve my skills, work on innovative material, and represent my country on the international stage.

This can only be possible with the assistance of those who believe in my talent, work ethic and big, BIG dreams.

Please help me arrive at the WFNBTA championships by contributing to my training and travel fund.

Without the help of others, I will not be able to continue sharing the love of baton twirling which is such an important part of my life!

Thank you for taking the time to support my dreams. I will continue to press on and bring my heart, soul and unique style to every performance.

Love and Twirl Strong,