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Mahahual Mangroves Forest: raise awareness for better conservation!

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Créée par Julia Andrée L. Jadin

pour Julia Jadin Juliana Acero and Takata Research Center


A few months ago, we discovered a little village called Mahahual. A small paradise in the Mexican Caribbean, with turquoise waters and white sandy beaches. The town benefits from an incredible coastal ecosystem composed of coral reefs, seagrass meadows, and mangroves forest, all depending on each order in a natural and harmonious cycle.

We started to volunteer at Takata Research Center, specialized in marine ecology, sustainable management, and public awareness. I got interested in the role of the coastal ecosystems, more particularly the mangrove forest that is heavily affected by the development of the village. While more destructive development and less preservation seem to be the local norm, we believe that more sustainable development and more preservation fit together.

In order to preserve the coastal ecosystem (essential for the sustainable preservation and development of Mahahual) raising awareness of the local population and of the local and federal authorities is fundamental. However, local perception and knowledge about ecosystem services by Mahahual inhabitants are not precisely known.

Our project took shape when we started to question ourselves: is there a way to understand and measure the needs and perception of the population concerning mangrove conservation? The answer was quite simple: Ask the local community. Talk to them. Understand them. Be more familiar with their needs and personal attachment to the ecosystem itself.

We started to design a questionnaire that will be the main tool in my research in Mahahual. After a month of designing the project, we are almost ready to launch the interviews and eager to start the fieldwork.

However, we need help: we need to recruit a team to interview people and to collect data on the field.

This recruitment will also be a way to offer opportunities for locals who lost their jobs during the COVID-19 crisis. It will contribute to the diversification of local employment that heavily relies on mass-tourism from the absent cruise ship industry.

Being particularly interested in the conservation of this small paradise, but short on fundings to achieve the research, we had the idea to start a fundraising platform. The money collected will allow us to cover the survey costs (team recruitment and training, and survey materials).

This is where you, friends, families, friends of friends, lovers of the environment can potentially help to support the project: in the end, any donation could make a difference. smiley

Many thanks in advance for your personal interest, help, and participation!

(Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to receive more information! We would be thrilled to share more with you mail & )

[ In case you would be willing to contribute but do not have any VISA/MASTER CARD or if there is any problem with the transfer, please contact us! ]