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"Lost On The Way" a Rock-Story - FREE MUSIC to everyone !

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Créée par Mathias Brandt

pour Matulla



my name is Mathias Brandt and I live in Wolfsburg, Germany.


This project is about to bring FREE music to the world.

I have nearly finished a Rock-Story called "Lost On The Way".

All musicians in this story has done the features for FREE

The music will be released under Reverbnation and the

partner sites like :


The Story:


Reverbnation site:


Facebook site:


The e-book for the story will be released under amazon/kinle self publishing for FREE.


It was a hard work to write the story and the music and to find the singers for the songs.

About 5 songs to go until it is finished.


The goal is to reach as much people as possible to share this free music.

This is the reason I ask for money. With the collected money I want to buy

advertising space. Online and especially in the hometowns of the singers.


No Money needed to pay the musicians. Till now everyone has done it for free.


So enjoy the story and the music and if you like spend some money to spread

"Lost On The Way" around the world.


Your sincerely


Mathias Brandt (Matulla)