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Help Kate out

Organisé pour : Kate Fahy


Kate Fahy, a good friend of ours who lives in England needs our help and her story, somewhat briefly, goes like this:


On April 26, on her way home (on her bicycle) she was in an accident with a truck. The truck was pulling out, didn't see her and knocked her down. This resulted in a third degree sprain in the right ankle, a heavy blow to the hand on the same side and injuries to the face as well as a possible jaw fracture (she has lost 1 tooth and has fractured 3, which according to the dentist will have to be replaced with implants and crowns). 


I hope this is not the case for many, but those who have been in an accident know that the last thing that comes to  mind at that moment is to gather evidence for a legal procedure; therefore, although the idea is to start a legal process (with the minimum information gathered by the ambulance) it is going to be a costly, long and complex process with vey uncertain results. 


So far the recovery is going well thanks to the fact that, in spite of everything, her wounds are superficial. However, there is still a long way to go (the issue of teeth will take months and will be very costly as will the rehabilitation for the ankle). So far, we have collected donated items (crutches, ankle boots and a bike).The insurance didn´t see fit to provide these and it also doesn´t cover dental treatment. The minimun that has to be paid amounts to approximately 300 euro and this includes the most basic and lowest quality dental treatment. Kate's family has also supported her, but financial help is still needed. That's why we want to unite and ask, through this message, for external help.


Due to very high student loans, she has over 40.000 euro debt and due to the high living costs of the UK her account is already at max. overdraft, so she has no access to money.


Thus, we write to you to ask for your collaboration and would be extremely greatful if you can/want to help out in any way. No amount is too small.


All help always adds up! 


Thank you again for reading and/or contributing!


Estefania and Maria Sofía


P.S.: If you know someone who would also like to collaborate please feel free to share this message/link. We would be happy to keep you posted on how Kate's recovery is progressing if you so wish.


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Estefania Liehr